Approach to Treatment

Anna uses a brain-based approach to improve processing of information in a child’s brain so that it is as efficient as possible, learned through extensive coursework under Therapeeds, Inc. When information enters the brain, it enters from the bottom and travels up to the top. If there is a breakdown in processing at any lower structure in the subcortex of the brain, the information that is traveling up to the cortex will not be processed correctly nor efficiently. This results in skill challenges that prevent a child from being able to participate at his/her fullest potential in daily life.

Anna uses specific protocols for each level of the brain in order to provide the brain with the neurochemistry it needs to process information correctly. The protocols change neural pathways to improve processing through focused intervention. Anna works with families on how to implement the protocols in the home and in school so that intervention can be frequent and consistent, giving the brain more opportunity for change. At each session, we revise the protocols as needed to match the changes taking place in the brain.

It is important to acknowledge that when working with the whole person, there are multiple factors that influence how the brain functions which can include the function of the nervous system (nerves within the spine), gut health, family dynamics, birth and developmental history, to name a few. Anna considers all of these factors.

Examples of processing disorders include all subtypes of Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, developmental delay, significant gaps in certain IQ subtest scores, as well as functional vision deficits. Children also do not need to have a formal diagnosis for benefitting from services.

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