“I wanted to share with you that I saw (principal) on Friday and she shared with me how impressed she was with you.  She said that she’s working with a lot of different therapists in her work, and you were extremely knowledgeable, articulate in explaining what is going on with (child), and helpful with coming up with plans for him.  She said you were one of the most qualified she has ever heard, and you clearly know your stuff.” -C.E.

“I did want to tell you that after talking with (mom), it seems that (child) is doing so much better! Diaper changes are easy for him now, bathing him is easy. He’s not having tantrums like he was, transitions are going smoother. And I was observing today how he was consistently using his hands together, and not holding one arm out behind him- that was a huge change. He seemed SO much more organized and focused in his play.  They are constantly practicing tummy time, and for Christmas he got another rocking horse kind of thing where he can naturally work on the forward and back movement.  Things seem to be going really well.” -SLP

“I am hearing great things about you, the services, approach, demeanor etc. etc.  Thank you, thank you!” -J.B.