anna-1My name is Anna Stoecklin and I am a pediatric occupational therapist in Boulder. I received my MA in Occupational Therapy from Saint Louis University. Since then, I have been an avid pursuer of keeping up-to-date on latest evidence-based practices, and taking progressive courses to enhance my occupational therapy practice. I view each child and family holistically, and have an inside-out perspective when working with children. This means that I am less concerned with treating individual symptoms and diagnoses, and more concerned about all of the pieces involved behind the scenes. Our outward health and behaviors are a result of what is happening on the inside of the body, and thus it does well for them to be addressed from the inside. This perspective leads me to care about not only motor development, but also nervous system function, gut health, sleep, feeding, socialization, parent-child connection, mouth structure, birth history, in utero experience, and beyond. One of the amazing aspects of working with children is seeing how all systems of the body interact with and influence one another, and when a child is viewed as a whole person with a rich history, we can foster more optimal harmony and connection within the body and environment long-term.

My beliefs include educating parents about the different pieces involved in what health looks like for a child, and providing resources for parents to make informed decisions that resonate with them. I believe that the body was designed to be healthy and innately wants to be healthy and function well as soon as it was created, and that maintaining health is easier than restoring it 15 years later. I distinguish between what symptoms are common versus normal, and that catching red flags as early as possible rather than waiting to see if a child grows out of it is more helpful for that child’s future. I believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the greatest quality of health and life possible, as early in life as possible.  I actively and constantly collaborate with multidisciplinary practitioners in the area who focus on prevention and optimization of health for children and families, and have a trusted referral network of like-minded, exceptional, and compassionate providers. 

I look forward to serving you and the community!



To support, enhance, and optimize a child’s health and development utilizing a preventative and progressive therapeutic approach.


That children can thrive in their bodies and environments.


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